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photo: Dana Patrick

photo: Dana Patrick

#TBT As some of you know, in 2013 I went through an extremely difficult health crisis that was incredibly painful and terrifying. I did not realize it, but I had let candida overgrowth get so bad in my body, and in the spring of 2013 it had hit a critical mass. I was in so much pain in my womb and sacrum area that I couldn’t stand up straight, walk, or barely function. It would come in waves, coinciding with my cycle, and for several months it kept getting worse and worse, and along with the pain, other issues became worse, such as my skin problems that I had all my life, hay fever allergies I also had all my life, brain fog, depression, and a host of other issues. It seemed like my immune system was shutting down, and I was really becoming scared for my life.

It was about the same time that I saw an advertisement, on Facebook of all places, for Candida Cleanser ( At first I refused to click on it, because I stubbornly didn’t want to support paid ads, and at that point I hadn’t connected anything I was experiencing to candida. I’d done candida cleanses before. I’d done the Caprylic Acid, the apple cider vinegar, the diatomaceous earth, the pau de arco teas etc. I thought I was fine when it came to candida!

Finally, while in some of the worst pain of my life, when that ad popped up in my feed again with the caption, “Is the candida fungus loose in your blood stream?” I decided to click it. I started reading the website and realized, I HAD NO CLUE ABOUT CANDIDA BEFORE. As I read all the information in this website, I realized that with everything I was going through, there was actually a possibility it was all connected to CANDIDA. It all started making sense. The skin rashes, the allergy symptoms, the weird stringy things coming out of my eyes and off my inner cheeks, my fingernails becoming wavy, the cracked skin on my heels, and so much more. I PRAYED…and hoped that maybe the pain I was experiencing was also connected.

At the time I was broke, out of work, exchanging as a nanny for a place to live, and I didn’t have any money to buy the treatment. So I them on FB and offered my skills as a media producer. I offered to produce a before/after video with a group of people with symptoms of candida. We would interview everyone before they did the cleanse, then start and finish the cleanse together, and do another interview when the cleanse was finished. The people at Candida Cleanser were kind (and total tribe), understanding, and knowledgable. They told me everything they knew about candida and their treatment. I was shocked at how much I did NOT know. The most miraculous thing? They said YES to my offer! To be honest, at the time I didn’t know if the treatment would work or not, but I was desperate to heal myself, and this seemed like my last resort before succumbing to going to a regular doctor, which I dreaded. I knew if I went to a regular doctor, I would be sentenced – I mean diagnosed – with some mysterious illness that was invented sometime in the last 200 years. I knew deep down that was not my truth. I knew deep down I could heal myself.

It took about a month of pre-production to do planning and get the crew and all the participants together for the before and after video. The participants were all people I knew, who knew about candida, and who were experiencing varied symptoms. This month before starting was my most difficult month of pain. It got so bad that while dining with my sweetheart in LA, I experienced such severe pain that as we tried walking back to the car, I couldn’t even make it, and fainted in the parking lot. It was such a strange feeling to experience, that as the whole world collapsed around me into darkness, I actually felt relief for those few moments. I awoke vomiting, hearing the voices of kind strangers who had run over to us, worried. It must have been a terrible sight. I could barely walk, but I still refused to see a doctor.

Upon starting Candida Cleanser, I noticed shifts in my body right away, as early as an hour after my first pill. It was about two weeks in, when the real test would tell with my cycle. What had been an increasing pain level each month for 6 months had dramatically reduced. I could function. I could walk without help. It must have been at least a 75% reduction from the pain I had experienced just the month before. I went through significant die-off symptoms through the rest of the cleanse, but by the end of the 45 days it was time for my next cycle to come up. What happened next was a miracle. I had NO pain. I didn’t even have a single cramp. I felt normal. I was completely pain free. Not only that, but my skin was clearer than it had been in years. All the weird stuff coming out of my eyes and cheeks were gone. Places that I had been holding pain in my neck and shoulders were also loosening up. Other things that are way too embarrassing to talk about also disappeared. My mind felt clear for the first time in a long time. I felt motivated. I felt happy. I felt utterly grateful!

Over time I noticed continued improvements in my health and body. My fingernails grew out healthy and smooth. The cracked skin on my feet starting as a teenager disappeared and the bottom of my feet became supple and smooth again. My allergies that I lived with most of my life disappeared. GONE! As time passed, I started to indulge again with certain foods and I felt candida levels in my body surge into mild overgrowth. I decided to do the cleanse again the summer of 2014 and recommitted to staying off processed foods, eating less than 10-20g of sugars a day (even in the form of fruit), and all grains. I’ve stuck with it since. I can honestly say that I don’t think I could have kicked my sugar addiction without Candida Cleanser. When there is overgrowth of candida, the cravings are just so hard to resist! But today, I feel strong, light, and vital. I feel sovereign. I feel FREE.

I write this story today because I’ve been asked by Candida Cleanser to share my story in their coming webinar, and I’m so honored and STOKED to do this for them! I actually started a Candida Cleanser support group in 2013 because I realized it’s not easy to cleanse and detox without community support, but often people who have not yet tried the treatment have a lot of fear, doubt, and worry (it’s the candida!), and they will often ask me if I work for Candida Cleanser in a tone as if to discredit my good intentions. Well, this is my true story, and I am SO UTTERLY GRATEFUL for my friends at Candida Cleanserthat I will always do what I can to support them. They helped me when they really didn’t need to. Who was I? Some random girl who wrote them on Facebook? That one decision they made literally changed my life. I am eternally grateful.

If you believe you are suffering from candida overgrowth, I absolutely recommend this treatment. I am healthy today because Candida Cleanser’s help and I believe it can help you too. Visit to learn more if you’re ready to bring your body back to balance. Remember, this is not a quick fix. If you continue overeating sugars and processed foods, candida can and will come back. For me this was not just a cleanse…it was a lifestyle and consciousness shift. Today, I feel so good to be healthy and myself again that I don’t plan to go back to my old ways. Thank you, Candida Cleanser. I AM FREE!

Thanks for reading. :) Blessings to all on their healing journeys!

In love and gratitude,

Patty Yuniverse​

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The Great Spark




There are times when we have to let go…

Cut chords…

When those chords are cut, it can create a vacuum.


These are the places within us that are used to being fed, but are not longer receiving from the same sources of energy.

This void may feel uncomfortable – painful even – and we might try to fill that void with whatever we can to numb the pain. Some go to great lengths to never feel the deep darkness of the void.

But there is a gift awaiting those who surrender to the inevitable experience of the void.

This is transformation.

From the void comes the great SPARK of light. This is where new Universes are born. Surrendering to the expanse of void is a powerful invitation to the Creator to birth a new reality.

This Creator is you.

Your best ally, is TIME.

Surrender in full acceptance and humility, and you too shall experience a great spark of creation come through that great cavernous space. Humbly drawing to you and creating a new spark of LIGHT that is in even greater alignment with your current reality to fill the space you have so courageously allowed yourself to open.

Your ability to navigate this dance of void and light with grace is the key to unlocking your greatest POWER.


Infinite blessings on your journeys. <3

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I Be Candida Free

Patty Strong

Wow. It’s been about 6 months since I completed my Candida Cleanser Cell Wall Suppressor and I have to say my life has completely changed since I did this cleanse. Just a few months before that I thought something really serious was wrong with my body. Today, all my frightening symptoms have virtually disappeared, as well as so many other issues that I had no idea were even related to candida. It baffles me that I lived with allergies for nearly my whole life and now they are completely gone!

The list really goes on!

Debilitating (literally) menstrual pain – GONE
Pain in my colon and intestines – GONE
Skin breakouts and psoriasis – GONE
Muscle/Joint pains – GONE
Excess weight – GONE
Cravings for sugar and carbs – GONE!!!

I feel frakking AMAZING, but not only that, my mental resistances are also GONE! I’m taking workshops and classes that before I would put off or not have the energy for. I’m starting my own business. I’m training on aerial silks!!!

Looking back, I really don’t know what I would have done if I did NOT take the cleanser. It has literally changed my life, so I just want to say THANK YOUNIVERSE for revealing this treatment to me just when I needed it most! I am so grateful to feel so free and clear and activated!

And for those of you out there who are struggling with some body stuff – look into candida (here’s the cleanse I did: . Candida is so common that it’s ridiculous that we don’t hear about it more often, but there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense out there in this world, and it’s up to us to help share the truth. I just know that if I hadn’t searched for answers on my own, I would be just another sad health statistic out there suffering from a myriad of problems that are connected to the food (or non-food) we eat and the drugs we take. Be careful out there, folks, and know that it is your absolute BIRTHRIGHT to have a healthy, vibrant, expansive life being the BEST YOU EVER!

If you know you’re struggling with candida…DUDE. It’s time to let it all go! Visit the cleanse that has helped me reclaim mySELF!

Infinite love and blessings to you all!

Patty Yuniverse


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Cosmic Cat Fights


Sometimes it can seem like things are falling apart. Learn to cherish these times, because your universe is about to get a whole heck of a lot better. Sometimes life delivers a cosmic cat fight. Cats will be cats. Try to ask a cat to not get into a fight. Um…yeah. Good luck.

In case of the cosmic cat scratch, abscesses happen…and guess what? You gotta get in there and pop that thing. Your inner kitty might be screaming like a banshee and it’s gonna hurt like a supernova, but it has to be done. Pop it. Let it ooze…

And on the other side, you might just find that what you wanted all along is right there waiting for you. That you’ve scored some turf that will serve you better. That all you needed was to shake things up, get turned upside down, have the rug pulled out, take a messy furry tumble…and come out of it even stronger, wiser, and more compassionately powerful than ever before.

Opportunities exist in every moment and every circumstance…it’s up to you to create them…find them. Surrender attachments and go with the flow…gifts await you on the other side.

I AM a cosmic kitten exploring the edges of the infinite Yuniverse
I AM the curiosity that killed the ego
I AM a sonic BOOM

I hear you.
I feel you.
Thank you.

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New Horizons


Dreaming BIG and there’s no holding back. I’m right at my growth edge and I’m learning to love this feeling…this perfect mixture of potential, passion, love, and terror! Can it be done? Oh yes…dream it, build it, make it happen…

I AM the Universe of infinite potential…
I AM inspired action…
I AM a force of nature…

I AM the Earth quaking…
Systems breaking…
Love making…

I AM the sum of all experiences…
I AM the spaces between everything…

May I have this dance?
I AM the Universe curtsying.



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New Skin


This has indeed been the  year of the Snake. Ssssssssssss… I am sssstill reveling at how the pain of shedding can be received with so much blisssss…

You may have read my blog about PAIN, or even watched one of my recent video blogs. Ever since my journey with healing candida and making it public, I’ve gotten LOTS of questions about the experience and what I’ve been doing to facilitate my healing. SOOO, here it is:

Everything You Need To Know To Clear Your Candida with Candida Cleanser.

I’m going to first tell you about the treatment and then share aspects of my diet that I’ve changed, as well as any tips I’ve picked up on the way. I also have some advice based on feedback I’ve received from hundreds of people in our Candida Cleanser Support Group on FB that have taken or are currently taking it. This Candida Cleanser treatment has definitely been the MOST effective treatment I’ve ever done for candida and I finally feel liberated from its sticky, stagnant consciousness. Visit this website if you are interested in learning more about the specific product I used for healing my candida.  I have to warn you, their website sucks. It’s true. But you know what? If they didn’t put that stupid alien thing on their FB page, I would have never found this stuff and it really saved me. I am so grateful. So if you can get past their web design choices, what I’m really recommending is the product, which actually works even if their website sucks. I was at a point where I had nothing to lose anymore and I wrote to them and established a connection. I was then blessed to be able to do a trial test study with them which you can watch in this BEFORE video and then an AFTER video.

If you have struggled with candida and choose to do this cleanse, I am excited for you! I have now had several friends who have also completed the cleanse, who are all seeing positive results and the common report is that they feel AMAZING. I also created a FB Support Group for people to join while doing the cleanse because die off can be a bitch!! I wish you all so much love and healing. I hope this blog supports you on your journey!

The Candida Cleanser Protocol

One bottle is a full 45 day treatment, which you take in three courses. You take 4 capsules a day for 5 days, and then you take a 10 day break. 5 days back on, 10 days off. 5 days on and you’re done taking pills, but your body continues cleaning house. The active ingredient is called Lufenuron. It is 100% pharmaceutical grade Lufenuron, which is an inert compound in the human body. It does not get processed through any major organs and if you do not have candida it passes out through your stool. This is a fat soluble compound and must be taken with fats in order for it to be properly absorbed and delivered into the blood stream. You must consume with at least 4g of fat per capsule. Taking it with pure coconut oil is not recommended as coconut oil taken alone can act as a diuretic and you could lose the compound in your stool. Take with fats AND food. I have heard that it is excellent to take with Ghee, and in fact, to open the capsules into the Ghee to take it. By taking properly with fats, the compound is slowly delivered into your blood stream so it can address candida in both forms (yeast and fungal), and it can remain in your system for up to a month after you take it. Here is a VERY informative video about the treatment that I helped produce.

Die Off

Depending on how bad your candida is, you can (and for most of you very LIKELY will) have die off symptoms. These can be anything from flu symptoms (headaches, fever, body aches, cold chills) as your body deals with the toxins released by dying candida, to also common candida symptoms like yeast infection, thrush, bloating, skin irritations, and diarrhea, as the body pushes out the candida. There is also an emotional detox, so be prepared for extra sensitivity and irritability, emotional outbursts, depression, and anxiety. Some people also report dizziness, foggy head, fatigue, vertigo, pins and needles all over the skin, shortness of breath, and strange sensations in various organ systems.

Detox Support

Candida Cleanser offers a few products that help with detox support but you don’t have to go with their stuff. From hearing feedback in the support group, the Zeolites seem to help a LOT of people by reducing die off pretty significantly. You want to take this IN BETWEEN your capsules (so if you take the capsules every 4 hours, you take the Zeo-Co 2 hours in between. Do NOT take them at the same time or you might lost some of the cell wall suppressor to the Zeolites drawing them out. Feedback from people is that you might want to get an extra bottle of Zeo-Co because it is not the same dosage schedule as the actual 45 day treatment. Die off does decrease as you finish the cleanse, but if you anticipate a lot of die-off, you might want an extra bottle of Zeo-Co to get you through. Other detox support could be bentonite clay, activated charcoal, or any heavy metal detox supplements at your health food store.


Candida Cleanser makes a probiotic called EM-Pro. When I first did my treatment I didn’t get any of the extra products. Since I helped them document our test trial, the creator of Candida Cleanser, Clare on the website, sent me some EM-Pro because she was touched by the video. I had been taking the Garden of Life Raw Probiotic and thought it was fine. Here’s where I might be sharing a little TMI, so if you don’t want the details of Patty Yuniverse’s gastro intestinal delights, you might wanna jump ahead. I started taking the EM-Pro and WHOA. I felt my whole gut start to turn over and for three days I pooped really foul and almost black toxic sewage. It wasn’t pretty, but I am a lot happier that foul stuff is no longer INSIDE ME. So I’m pretty sold on her EM-Pro, and Clare even said to me she’s very proud of this product especially and wanted to send it to help prevent me from getting sick again. Since shipping from their Thailand location takes forever, I recommend stocking up as well.

What to Eat

This is the BIGGEST question I get asked and wow, have I been on a long journey to figure out what to freaking eat. Sheesh. After spending way too many years of eating whatever food and non-food I want and starting to feel gross and on the verge of disease a few years ago, to going raw vegan for 6 mos, to being high-raw vegan, to nose-diving into an out of control carb addicted vegan, to my body getting SHUT DOWN from the candida that blew up as soon as I started eating rice again after my raw phase, I have now found myself very happily and EASILY maintaining a basically Paleo diet that is edging toward a Ketogenic Diet. This means I am eating only whole foods, but staying grain-free, starch free, and mostly sugar free. I am eating vegetables, clean meat (free range or grass fed or wild only), seeds, nuts, and right now for healing my gut, I’m doing a LOT of bone broths. More cooked veggies, less raw veggies unless it’s juiced. Very little fruits. Ironically, I’m like 0% raw right now…not entirely true, but almost. Apparently, raw plant fibers, and the sugars from many fruits are not good for a damaged gut. So I’m cooking my meals to make them easier on the gut, but still taking in green juice regularly for extra living nutrients! Plus superfood supplements yo…

Things to KNOW

The body is a delicate ecosystem. It takes time to heal. I have had considerable healing crisises even after completing my actual treatment. I feel like I’m experiencing new kinds of sensations that indicate cellular reorganization in my body. Several times I’ve felt what seems to be cellular turnover in my gut as it continues to heal. There are times when a portion of my colon seems to feel inflamed, and there is a lot of gas released in that area, and then the inflammation disappears. I’ve learned to be patient with my body and it’s paying off. Slowly but surely, I can really feel how it’s reaching a state of genuine healing.

Another thing to know is that candida is a VERY COMMON microorganism that can be reintroduced very easily. Something I learned from Clare is that it can be transfered via intimate contact as well! My advice is to take it easy when you’re done and give yourself time and space to heal and ESPECIALLY make the effort to repopulate your gut with probiotics as a preventative. Don’t go binging on sugar immediately after. Also, just think about it… if the path you’ve been on led you to having a candida overgrowth, don’t you think you might need to make some changes? Yes. It’s true. To quote Einstein – “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you want things to change, YOU will have to change.

Have I Had Sugar Since?

YES. My only “cheat” this holiday was that I ate a LOT of dried persimmons. I didn’t realize this, but ONE Japanese persimmon has 21g of sugar in it. I must have eaten 5 or 6 persimmons worth. I rode a fun sugar wave and then crashed out only to have a night full of tossing and turning. The next day I had my aerial silks class and I felt so much weaker than normal! I also felt inflammation in the body. I was more irritable the next day and also felt my blood sugar being on a delicate balance. I craved more sugar, which I chose to feed with a couple more persimmons just to see what would happen. Oh come on, I knew what would happen – subtle sugar high and then crash. I got the data I needed and quickly started craving the feeling of being more in that ketosis state on the higher fat, low carb paleo-like regimen, which means I’m very much back on the broths, blended green soup, veggies and clean meat. And I don’t feel out of control at all! This is only possible because of the Candida Cleanser treatment.

How I’ve Benefited

Besides the tremendous pain I experienced going away, the other BIGGEST and most pronounced change is that my allergies are 100% gone. I used to ONLY be allergy free while I was fasting and also during a 6-8 month period a few years ago when I ate all raw. Why didn’t I just stay raw? Well, I thought I was healthy enough to start eating brown rice and quinoa in the winter to have some warming food. That sparked the existing dormant candida in my body to rapidly grow in strength and that’s when I nose-dived out of control. I also recently learned about leaky gut and how hard it is for a damaged gut to digest raw plant fibers. Doing all the raw food could actually have further damaged my gut , which makes sense because when the candida surged, my allergies started coming back tenfold and I started breaking out and gaining lots of inflammation weight, even on a high raw vegan diet. Truly, it was all a blessing, because I would never have resolved my candida if I hadn’t decided to start shoving rice and quinoa back into my mouthhole. It would have just waited for the next opportune time to flare up and take over. Now, it’s a totally different game. The NEXT BIGGEST positive change is the mental clarity, drive, motivation, and focus that I now have versus before the cleanse. Wow…it’s a new world! I’m training in aerial silks and I’m getting focused. I’m investing energy into my projects and into myself and my education and growth, and I’m emotionally more present than I’ve ever been. Several weird body pains that nagged me for years are gone, and my skin is the most clear it’s been since before my teens. I have to say, I’m beyond happy with this product and I will keep some of this stuff in my back pocket to make sure I never go into that place of terrifying pain again.

If you are just learning about this cleanse and YOU’RE ready to be candida free, visit this link to learn more about what helped me clear my body of candida.

This cleanse is for those who are truly ready to step back into full health and radiance! Please also join us in the FB support group if you want support during your cleanse and keep me posted on your experience!

I wish you all so much love and healing on your journeys!

<3 Patty


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Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is Optional.

Some years ago I had these two phrases tattooed to my forearms to remind me that I came here to die. Such a statement could be perceived as shocking but it’s true. I give thanks that somehow, through the fog of my once hyper-dulled and culturally medicated reality, my higher self revealed to me that the pain of death and transformation is inevitable in this realm. That I would not be able to avoid pain forever. That I could even learn to welcome pain as a teacher, and a sign of healing, growth, and evolution. My higher self also cultivated within my heart the understanding that suffering would be my choice if I wished to experience it. This mantra allowed me to dive into the pain I felt then, and rebirth myself into who I am now.

Come 2013…where I would experience pain again.

There is pain – the kind that makes you laugh at yourself for a silly bumped elbow. The kind that causes a slight gasp to escape from your lips. Or the kind that causes you to pour forth a combination of agony and ecstasy.

Then there is the kind of pain that stops you in your tracks. That makes you forget to breathe. A blinding pain that you feel through the infinite echoes of the Universe. The kind of pain that can send you momentarily to the other side just to wake you back up. WAKE UP! Stop. Breathe. This is the kind of pain that feels like a sure sign from the Universe to STOP. STOP what you are doing right NOW. Go no further until you have gotten to the ROOT of this…not later, but NOW.

Aye…I hear youniverse. I bow to you humbly now…please help me heal. I receive you in all your wisdom.

This healing path is often a confusing one…moments of rapture, ecstasy, bliss, mingling with momentary egoic certainty that there is some answer…some solution. Every time I feel certain about anything, the Universe gives me a reason to QUEST-ion again.

As I FEEL into pain…FEEL into my root connection with the Earth, I real-EYES I am feeling her. Momma I am feeling you. I am so sorry, please forgive me. Thank you, I love you. I am so grateful for this piece of you that you have kindly lent to me for this lifetime. This piece of you that I get to pilot and dance through the ether in the most magnificent grandest show of this lifetime upon lifetimes.

Thank you for showing me where I have been disconnected at my root…fearful. I thank you for inviting me to see what I was not letting myself see. I forgive myself and all. Thank you for the honor of giving me sight to see all that came before me, and all that will come after. I grieve for all the mothers lost on the journey. I give thanks for the ability to FEEL such grief and loss through this temporary experience of separation. I revel in the sweet bliss of agony. What a blessing it is to feel anything at all.

I also thank you for inviting me to feel into the depths of my third chakra storms…weathering the core of my existence in a full tantrum of rebirth stewing in the cauldron of my belly. My weakened armies of invisible soldiers finally standing up and demanding to be restored and replenished. Declaring WE ARE! Yes my darlings, we are and I AM! Proclaiming with determinism and force to change and heal in this NOW. I am sorry I neglected you and failed to provide what you need, severely limited by own stubborn mind. I now SEE…I’m here for you.

Thank you thank you thank you for the divine intelligence of the body, always doing its best at all times to serve our existence here on this Earth. Thank you thank you thank you for challenging me to step up to my highest choices…for me AND for momma Earth. I hear you. I honor you. I serve you. I serve US.

It has become quite abundantly clear that if I am to share my gifts with this world, that I must heal my root connection with the Earth. I also fully accept my role as a divine creator of my own reality…and I thank you for showing me that it all begins with my WILL. My CHOICE. My choices every day, every moment.

Life is oh so precious. I choose to honor this life always in all ways. Thank you for this magnificent experience. Blessed journey to us all.


Painting: Frida Kahlo

UPDATE: I have since began a healing journey from something called CANDIDA. Here is a video blog I made to describe my journey:

If you think you have candida (it is WAY more common than you might think) and you would like to know how I healed myself from candida, visit this link:

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It’s Happening!!!

Back with a PART TWO follow-up from the first Shit New Age Girls Say video below!

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Sacred Geography

When you say yes to something, the Universe conspires to make it happen.

I have never felt this so strongly as with my journey through the Mayan Heartland. This intentional, ceremonial journey was 17 days long, starting in Antigua, Guatemala, touching down in Rio Dulce, Belize, Livingston, Tikal, Palenque, San Cristobal, and Lake Atitlan, to close the heart shaped tour back in Antigua.

Truly, this particular physical journey began well before it even came into my consciousness. My partner, J Quest, and I had discussed only months before how we dreamed of creating a documentary show about the most sacred sites on our earth. Both of us had fantasies of visiting ancient pyramids in hopes of gaining some knowledge or awakening our intuition of the mysteries of how they came to be. Even as we shared our visions thoughtfully with each other, the reality of getting to that point in our lives seemed like a distant dream – neither of us having the funds or resources to make this dream come true in the near future.

That is, until one fateful day at our magical shared home in Ojai, CA. You see, I had just left my not so conventional, but still conventional life in Los Angeles just weeks prior to move into a community of dedicated transformational visionaries, intent on creating positive change in the world. I left the steady income from my “day job,” which I held to support an unpredictable acting career, which I left too, and moved an hour and a half north to a small town 11 miles off of highway 33. I sold or gave away almost everything from my comfortable nest in Hollywood and said, “I surrender.”

I surrender. What does that even mean? Well, for me it meant, “I’m letting go.”

I let go of what felt like years of work that got me to a place of complacency disguised as comfort. I let go of all the material things I had come to identify with. I let go of a false sense of security from my “scraping-by” wages that paid the rent and not much more. I let go with trust and faith that all would work out for the best. I trusted that I would always have everything I need.

All I would take with me was gratitude, intuition, luck, and my three cats. (Actually, I tried to give away one of my cats and she came back to me. The number 3 is THAT powerful. Oh Roxie! I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you!)

But please, I digress.

What I am illuminating here is that I had nothing to my name, and although I now find myself with an amazing world changing band of evolutionaries, none of us are making much money! At least, for the time being, as our new paradigm company/community funnels all our earnings as an intentional production company, and from our transformational live events back into the community and into our purpose driven company.

Yes. We always have what we need.

HOWEVER, due to a perceived lack of monies, my mind told me that the prospects of traveling the world to document sacred sites seemed like a faraway dream.


Forward to mid-September of 2011, where J Quest and I found ourselves talking with our friend Aaron El Leon, founder of Running Buffalo Journeys. I had just met Aaron a month prior at Burning Man in a completely different context and suddenly a month later he is sitting before us talking about the trip he is leading to the Mayan Heartland starting October 13, 2001 and ending on the auspicious date October 18th, 2011 – the last day of the Ninth Wave according to Carl Calleman – in ceremony with a Mayan Elder. As we sat there listening to Aaron describe the journey, I felt a deep rumble in my solar plexus resembling solar flares. J Quest and I mentioned our intention to document journeys just like the one Aaron planned. Aaron asked us to come. My gut said, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!”

Before I knew it the words uttered from my mouth.



But how would we pay for it? I wasn’t making any skrill and neither was J Quest. What a conundrum.

This is where the magic really started happening. Within a few days, our first (and generous) donation came in from a traveler on the previous and Running Buffalo Journey’s first ever tour. Within weeks, we raised enough money to make the trip happen.


YES! Thank YOUniverse!

I’d like to say that nothing could prepare me for this, but that’s a lie. I was freaking PREPARED and READY! Eff Yeah Universe! I KNEW IT! My gut said YES and I wasn’t going to let any doubt stop me! By the time it was a week before the trip, we had just enough to take us there and back. This was enough for me to know that we are being Divinely guided to go to these sacred sites, bring love, bring light, and to hold ceremony calling for the healing of our planet and for all our brothers and sisters who live upon it. Not only that, but to document the whole journey on camera. The wealth of support also let me know that I could trust the same guidance for finishing the project once we returned, and to just be present and GO.

So we went.

Oh my. How can I possibly describe to you this powerful journey? How can I possibly describe the deep healing we created space for on so many dimensions? The magical wizards and high priestesses we met along the way? The synchronicities we experienced? The miracles?

This is the kind of intentional journeying that I believe should be invited back into our lives as a normal practice. What ever happened to the vision quests? The walkabouts? The medicine wheels? Sure, there’s a revival in the counter culture, especially with Burning Man and other festivals, tribe gatherings, and amongst other small communities and indigenous cultures, but what about for the collective?

Need I remind myself that this is what I was brought on the journey to do as a filmmaker.

My life changed on this journey. I witnessed on the deepest levels how powerful I am as a creator. I witnessed magic and mystery. I downloaded answers to some of the oldest questions burning in my soul. Words can hardly express the gratitude I have for the divinely appointed team of travelers on my journey, who held space so purely and intentionally as we started the journey off charging eight crystals that we would release as we traveled along our path, as guided by Spirit. We opened up those crystals to the frequencies of our planet and all our brothers and sisters as divine transmitters. We channeled into them the healing guidance of our mother earth and the infinite love of father sky. Traveling through the third largest “lung” of our earth, in the rain forests of Central America, we deposited those crystals in bodies of water along the entire heart shaped journey and there they lie, ready to receive.

Please send them some love.

As a child I told my mother I was going to save the planet. I told her I was going to save the world. I told her we had to go back to being “natural.” My mother would say I was from outer space.

She might just be right.

Wherever I came from, I know this is true: This journey that was guided so divinely and happened by way of such MAGIC, is complete validation that I am living my purpose. Wow. What more could you ask from a spiritual journey, right?

I know I am meant to share this journey with the world. In fact, I know in my gut I am meant to share many more. I am meant to lead some of these journeys as well, so don’t be surprised when you see one planned for the near future. Start saving. We’re gonna save the world together, ok? I trust this deep in my gut just like I knew when my gut said YES that there would be no stopping what had already started in the ethers. Why else would the senior editor from Escape Artist Magazine, with no prior knowledge about this trip, ask me to write an article about any particular spiritual journey I’ve experienced, which I share here now?

Oh YOUniverse!

And if you have been feeling called to take a journey of your own, I encourage you to find in your soul the YES that is waiting to be uttered, received, and acted upon. I fuly support you and I say YES to you finding your purpose! I say YES to you finding your SELF. I did and I am heaven bent on spreading this message of love and sovereignty amongst all of our galactic family.

And if you are hesitating at all, whether it be due to the perception that you’re lacking the funds, will, or energy to go, then I invite you to test the waters by being apart of bringing the next chapter of my journey to fruition by visiting Donations of any amount and energetic support are deeply deeply appreciated. I trust with the same faith as above that this project will finish and be shared. Please stay tuned and keep in touch at for regular updates on its status.

Wherever you may travel in your lifetime, be it in the physical or non-physical realms, I wish you always a beautiful journey. <3

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I Say All This Sh*t

Putting it all out there in the field haha…

I am pretty transparent in sharing my own discoveries from eating raw foods to quantum study and you know what? I’m manifesting some amazing experiences in my life because of it! And, the biggest lesson of all that all the greats and all the masters have ever said is to not take life too seriously. Laugh often and enjoy life. So…

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago at 5:43 pm.