Patty Yu is cute but deadly. CutebutDeadly is Patty Yu.

I Say All This Sh*t

Putting it all out there in the field haha…

I am pretty transparent in sharing my own discoveries from eating raw foods to quantum study and you know what? I’m manifesting some amazing experiences in my life because of it! And, the biggest lesson of all that all the greats and all the masters have ever said is to not take life too seriously. Laugh often and enjoy life. So…

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2 Replies

  1. Patty, your interpretation was just amazing! You and Elevate have got a new fan.

    It’s good to see humorous people about stuff like that and you truly knew what you were talking about. I’m into New Age stuff, too, and I must say that I have watched your vid many times.

    Wtg, friend! :-) Have a great day!

  2. word !
    you’re damn right, that’s all I can say ;-)

    the stuff you do is inspiring me a lot.
    stay creative, stay lovely !

    greetings from berlin

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