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I Be Candida Free

Patty Strong

Wow. It’s been about 6 months since I completed my Candida Cleanser Cell Wall Suppressor and I have to say my life has completely changed since I did this cleanse. Just a few months before that I thought something really serious was wrong with my body. Today, all my frightening symptoms have virtually disappeared, as well as so many other issues that I had no idea were even related to candida. It baffles me that I lived with allergies for nearly my whole life and now they are completely gone!

The list really goes on!

Debilitating (literally) menstrual pain – GONE
Pain in my colon and intestines – GONE
Skin breakouts and psoriasis – GONE
Muscle/Joint pains – GONE
Excess weight – GONE
Cravings for sugar and carbs – GONE!!!

I feel frakking AMAZING, but not only that, my mental resistances are also GONE! I’m taking workshops and classes that before I would put off or not have the energy for. I’m starting my own business. I’m training on aerial silks!!!

Looking back, I really don’t know what I would have done if I did NOT take the cleanser. It has literally changed my life, so I just want to say THANK YOUNIVERSE for revealing this treatment to me just when I needed it most! I am so grateful to feel so free and clear and activated!

And for those of you out there who are struggling with some body stuff – look into candida (here’s the cleanse I did: . Candida is so common that it’s ridiculous that we don’t hear about it more often, but there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense out there in this world, and it’s up to us to help share the truth. I just know that if I hadn’t searched for answers on my own, I would be just another sad health statistic out there suffering from a myriad of problems that are connected to the food (or non-food) we eat and the drugs we take. Be careful out there, folks, and know that it is your absolute BIRTHRIGHT to have a healthy, vibrant, expansive life being the BEST YOU EVER!

If you know you’re struggling with candida…DUDE. It’s time to let it all go! Visit the cleanse that has helped me reclaim mySELF!

Infinite love and blessings to you all!

Patty Yuniverse


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  1. Hi patty, I was given your info from Kristina knapic. I have been suffering from some of the worst Gastrointestinal problems for the last year or so. I too, feel as though I have tried everything to help myself, unsuccessfully. A few months back I did some extensive research and talked to some people who seemed to know a thing or two about candida. I am still convinced that my body is plagued with it. I recently had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and am waiting to hear back from the doctor as they found inflammation in my stomach. When I mentioned candida to my doctor she basically had nothing to say or any insight what so ever. I know if I allow my doctor to take control, I will be on a slew of pharmaceutical meds all with different side effects and ultimately not a true healing from this parasite. As a natural skeptic, my question to you would be, is there any diagnostic test for candida to truly prove that this is what is taking over our bodies or did you simply discover you had it based on the symptomology? I am very interested in the product you took but part of me also wants to see that hard evidence that candida is truly what’s effecting me. I appreciate your blog it is very informative!

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